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Notice Board/Circulars

115/02/2021E mail ID for submission of scanned Answer sheets
211/02/2021To download the roll nos. (M A 3rd Semester)
311/02/2021M.A 3rd semester examination roll no for the session 2020-21
411/02/2021Instruction for Online Examination of M.A. 3rd Semester 2020-21
502/02/2021Date Sheet of on online Exam of M.A. 3rd Semester 2020-21
601/02/2021Award of Two Scholarship @ Rs. 400/- p.m. each for 10 months out of the Panjab University Soldier's Relief fund for the year 2020-21
701/02/2021Award of "Mrs. Udham Kaur Menon Education Scholarship " @ Rs. 800/- p.m. (enhanced) for 10 months for the year 2020-21
801/02/2021Mrs. & Dr. V.S.Puri Scholarship @ Rs. 200/- p.m. for 10 months for the year 2020-21
901/02/2021Award of late Sh. Pritam Nath & Mrs. Ram Piari Scholarship @ Rs. 500/- p.m. each for 10 months for the year 2020-21
1001/02/2021Milkhi Ram Sharma Memorial Scholarship @ 250/- p.m. for 10 months for academic session 2020-21
1101/02/2021Award of 25 Late Dewan Som Nath Scholarship @ 400 pm each for 10 months
1201/02/2021Practical Date Sheet for M.A. 3rd Semester
1301/02/2021House test Date sheet for M.A. 1st Semester
1421/01/2021PU Global Alumni Meet (Department of Ancient Indian History,Culture & Archaeology)
1518/01/2021Notice and Time Table w.e.f. 18.1.2021
1715/01/2021Notice of central Post Matric Scholarship for SC students .pdf
1808/01/2021Regarding Ph.D. enrolment
1908/01/2021Interview for Ph.D. enrolment
2001/01/2021Regarding last date of submission of ducuments
2101/01/2021Notice of Ph.D. enrolment
2229/12/2020Regarding 2nd Installment of Tuition fee (revised)
2324/12/2020Notice regarding shortage of attendance
2423/12/2020Notice to deposit 2nd Instalment ( M.A. Ist Semester students)
2522/12/2020Notice regarding 4th instalment of Tution fee for M.A. 3rd Semester .pdf
2708/12/2020Notice Regarding Examination form for M.A. 1st & 3rd Semester 2020-21
2802/12/2020Notice regarding to submit the migration certificate etc.
2901/12/2020Regarding Hostel facility for M.A. Ist Semester students (2020-21)
3026/11/2020Financial Assistance to SC/ST students for the year 2020-21
3120/11/2020Notice of Scholarship of "Merit-Cum- Means Scholarship for Minority" under National Scholarship Portal for the year 2020-21.
3220/11/2020Notice of 3rd Instalment of fee for M.A. 3rd Semester AIHC&A 2020-21.pdf
3319/11/2020Revised Notice for M.A. Ist semester students who have past lower examination from other than Panjab University, Chandigarh
3418/11/2020Post Matric Scholarship form for Punjab SC Fresher Students of M.A. I
3518/11/2020Syllabus of M.A. I,II,III & IV Semester for the session 2020-21
3618/11/2020Revised Time-Table for M.A. 1st & 3rd Semester for the session 2020-21
3716/11/2020Notice regarding online classes for M.A. 1st Semester 2020-21
3812/11/2020Online Ph.D viva-voce examination of Mr. Ankush Gupta (12.11.2020)
3928/10/2020Examination fee Notice for M.A. 3rd Semester students
4019/10/2020Confidential Result
4130/09/2020Revised Notice for Practical Exam M.A. 4th Semester
4229/09/2020Practical Exams of M.A. 4th Semester (3.10.2020)
4329/09/2020Practical Exams of M.A. 4th Semester (1.10.2020)
4424/09/2020Date Sheet for online Practical Exam M.A. 4th Semester
4521/09/2020Notice regarding Scholarship Schemes Under National E- Scholarship for the year 2020.21
4621/09/2020Notice regarding Scholarship Schemes for Minority Communities for the year 2020.21
4717/09/2020E mail ID for submission of scanned Answer sheets
4816/09/2020 Notice regarding attempting question paper for the online exams
4902/09/2020Notice of admission fee for M.A. 3rd Semester 2020-21
5031/08/2020Notice for M.A. 3rd Semester Classes 2020-21
5121/08/2020Photograph of Sadbhawana Diwas Pledge
5217/08/2020Notice regarding Online Classes from 17.08.2020 to 31.08.2020
5317/08/2020A schedule for the conduct of online classes by the permanent faculty from August 17, 2020
5413/08/2020Circular regarding Classes and Admission fee for M.A 3rd Semester
5531/07/2020Notice of online classes for 3rd semester 2020-21
5630/07/2020Regarding Post Matric Scholarship 2020-21
5701/06/2020Webinar: Responding to Domestic Violence during COVID-19 on 2nd June at 10 a.m.
5827/05/2020Webinar: Impact of Covid 19 on Mental Health
5906/03/2020Debate Competition
6026/02/2020Special Lecture on 28.2.2020 at 12.00 p.m. by Dr. Garima Kaushik, Assistant Archaeologist, ASI
6126/02/2020Special Lecture on 28.2.2020 at 11.00 a.m. by Dr. Akshat Kaushik, Assistant Archaeologist, ASI
6203/01/2020Advertisement for Guest Faculty
6319/12/2019Detailed report of Field trip
6410/12/2019Open Viva-voce Test and presentation of Ph.D. Thesis
6503/12/2019Notice (Shortage of lectures)
6606/09/2019Interview for Ph.D. enrolment
6730/07/2019Special lecture on 31.7.2019 by Prof. Tapan Bhattacharya
6830/07/2019Special lecture on 31.7.2019 by Prof. Neeta Dass
6902/05/2019Special Lecture on 3.5.2019 by Prof. Manmohan Kumar, MDU,Rohtak
7001/05/2019Special Lecture on 2.5.2019 by Prof. Manmohan Kumar, MDU,Rohtak
7124/04/2019Special lecture on 25.04.2019 by Prof. Mahesh Sharma
7213/03/2019Open Viva-voce Test and presentation of Ph.D. Thesis
7323/02/2019Invitation for Three day workshop from 26-28 February, 2019
7402/08/2018Waiting list of M.A. Ist Semester(AiHC & A) 2018-19
7531/07/2018Notice for fee
7631/07/2018Merit List for selected candidates of M.A. Ist Semester (AIHC & A) 2018-19
7716/07/2018Revised admission schedule/counselling for M.A. Ist Semester 2018-19
7806/07/2018Counseling for M.A. Ist Semester (AIHC & A) 2018-19
7906/07/2018Counseling for M.A. Ist Semester (AIHC & A) 2018-19
8029/06/2018Classes of M.A. 3rd Semester for the session 2018-19
8125/01/2018Special lecture by Dr. Susmita Basu Majumdar on January 30, 2018
8225/01/2018Special lecture by Dr. Susmita Basu Majumdar on 29.1.2018
8526/09/2017HOUSE TEST 2017-18
8615/09/2017To submit Examination Form online
8922/08/2017Shortage of Attendance
9201/08/2017Merit List for selected candidates for M.A. Ist (AIHC &A) 2017-18
9323/07/2017Counseling Schedule For M.A. Ist Admission (2017-18)
9407/07/2017The list of publishers
9515/02/2017Total attendance of M.A. IVth Semester Students (January 2017)
9615/02/2017Total attendance of M.A. IInd Semester Students (January 2017)
9716/11/2016Award of fellowship for Ph.D. (2016).
9916/09/2016Ph.D. Admission 2016-17
10016/07/2016Notice for M.A Ist Semester students
10116/07/2016Waiting list
10216/07/2016Final merit list provisional for the admission of M.A. Ist semester (AIHC&A)
10313/07/2016Notice for commencement of classes ( M.A. 3rd Sem.)
10413/07/2016Tentative Merit List for admission to M.A. I (AIHC & A) General 2016-17
10507/07/2016Youth Welfare Seat
10624/06/2016Counselling Notice for M.A. I 2016-17
10701/04/2016Academic Interaction
10817/12/2015Special Lecture & Book Launch (AIHC & A)
10915/12/2015Special Lecture & Book Launch (AIHC & A)
11022/09/2015Ph.D Admission Schedule
11117/08/2015Number of available Slots for Ph.D.
11210/07/2015Admission Schedule 2015-16

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