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Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 10/01/2019 
1.   Prof. Ashvini Agrawal Jappen Oberoi Full Time 15/316/Ph.D 15/02/2018 The Hunas in Central Asia and India: Origin, Rise and Early Movements Yes UGC
2.   Dr. Renu Thakur Divya Tanta Full Time 16/1207/Ph.D 30/09/2016 Yet to be decided No
3.   Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu Sabah Salim Full Time 16/1208/Ph.D 30/09/2016 Yet to be decided Yes Panjab University
4.   Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu Ritika Jain Full Time 16/1209/Ph.D. 30/09/2016 Yet to be decided Yes Panjab University
5.   Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu Mohd Javed Full Time 15/318/Ph.D 08/10/2015 Seals and Sealings of North Western India : A Study (Earliest Times to 650 CE) No
6.   Dr. Renu Thakur Monica Bisht Full Time 15/317/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Unveiling Womanhood in Early Medieval North India (Circa 650-1200 CE) No
7.   Dr. Renu Thakur Chandni Yadav Full Time 14/256 03/11/2014 Education in Early Medieval North India (AD 600-1200) Yes Panjab University
8.   Dr. Renu Thakur Vipin Negi Full Time 13/252 Ph.D 31/10/2013 GENDER RELATIONS IN ANCIENT INDIA FROM c.A.D. 320 to c.A.D.750 Yes Panjab University, Chandigarh
9.   Dr. Renu Thakur Ankush Gupta Full Time 19593/Ph.D 22/01/2013 EDUCATION IN THE MONASTIC CENTERS OF WESTERN HIMALAYA (AD 950-1700) No
10.   Dr. Renu Thakur Ravi Kant Full Time 18987 14/11/2011 History and Archaeology of Haryana (325 BC to 320 AD) No
11.   Dr. Paru Bal Sidhu Vipan Sharma Full Time 18989 14/11/2011 An Archaeological Study of The Bara Culture of Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh (c. 2300 BCE-1000 BCE) No
12.   Dr. Renu Thakur Sukriti Khanna Full Time 18351 12/10/2010 North Indian Society and economy in transition (AD 750-1000) No
13.   Prof. N.K. Ojha Sarika Dhiman Full Time 18337 11/10/2010 Society and culture in the works of Asvaghosa No
14.   Dr. Renu Thakur Suraj Narayan Full Time 17740 13/10/2009 Land use and crop pattern in north India AD 600-1000 Yes P.U.
15.   Prof. Ashvini Agrawal Ravinder Nath Prashar Full Time 17698 01/10/2009 The Journey of Indian Foot prints to pre-columbian Central and South America No

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